Saturday, May 15, 2010

Too Blog or Not Blog
It has been awhile since I've updated this blog. Alot of research into the blogs of others has occurred and it is clear, if this blog is to be, its got to be one of the best in the whole world (LOL. It's going to take work. There's much learning to occur. Yet I consider the limitless possibilities of blogging...People can become famous as a voice which normally could not be heard under normal circumstances. So the trick is to generate many hits in order to be well read by others. It's not that I seek fame for the sake of being famous. Instead, my goal is to enlist others in the war for the minds and souls of urban youth. This is what I call, bridging the gulf that has developed between the normal and abnormal...For instance, it used to be normal that young people didn't go to jail or die early. Now the things once clearly abnormal has become normal. In other words, this blog has to stay true to its purpose of bridging the gulf. All things written in the blog must conform to that overriding purpose.

I notice my Facebook updates usually reflect my experience as a mentor and youth worker. So it is clear, this blog should do the same. One of my updates spoke of a name that I heard on the news... I am almost one hundred percent certain that this name was one of my former students of a mentoring program called Young Champions. I feel bad for the student and wonder is it fair to consider the failures instead of the successes. It seems that he was one of four involved indirectly with a homicide involving three other youths. Mentoring is a tough field. Its bad when the one you mentored goes astray. It's worst when the church and society really doesn't acknowledge the good a mentor brings.

And so, will this blog be ignored or will it generate motivation to act...Jesus was concerned about the lost sheep. Focusing on the failures is sort of like the action of the shepherd that went in search of the one lost sheep. Oh, one closing note, they just showed a photo of the alleged killers on the news. It was my old Young Champion.

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